The Final Gain

After a long time we went again

It was for short while

But felt like in a silent rain
Which made me
Amazed !
Felt me blessed
The life of me,in vain
Rewoke with new again

The moment you smiled at me
The moment you stared at me
And called me closer with no voice
The moment was unforgettable n wise
To forget all my pain

And after a while that
You,the unpredicted deed done that
The warm feeling of you
The warmth between us
Made us high as sky
The madness
That started in our brain

After the moment of blindness
And all every cold
That silent eyes of you
Clossed suddenly
Honey felt so warm in me
Was far better than real
That act was never to repeal
Both of us wandering there
Was it the Final gain…?

~(c)Pritam Biswas ThePb


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