To my biggest fan

Hi readers,

I’m a poet and like every poet I have also the hunger for audiences and fans. But unfortunately I don’t have much audience or fans till now. I’m just a beginner fellow and started my writing since 2013 and I think it is not possible to gather much audience in a short time in this world of competition. I’m a Bachelor degree student also of University of Calcutta.

But one thing I have to say that I have a Die-hard fan. She is a girl, my girl. I’m the most loved poet for her after some world famous poets. When she came into my life I got a new kick in the world of poetry. Her encouragement helps to became more creative. All because of her. Everytime when I complete a new poem, I inform her at first. I think she is the biggest reason of my creativeness. And I think she is the biggest fan of my writtings.

Sometimes I feel proud because I have such type of fan. It doesn’t matter if it is only one or many. I’m very happy with this one perfect fan. When all of my fans will stepping back from me and my writtings, She will be my fan forever…

Thank you so much…

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